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Workplace injuries in the Manufacturing and Industrial Industry

Workplace injuries in the Manufacturing and Industrial Industry – “Australian workers in the manufacturing and industrial industry account for 20% of all serious workers – compensation claims which translates to 73 workers per day suffering a workplace injury in this industry”.


If you work in meat, poultry or seafood manufacturing, bread and pastry manufacturing, iron and steel manufacturing or textile and fabric manufacturing you make up 11.2% of the New South Wales workforce that is employed in the manufacturing and industrial industry.

The most recent New South Wales statistics reveal that 37% of all injuries in the manufacturing and industrial industry relate to manual handling with a current Workcover Initiative being run to attempt to reduce manual handling injuries. Manual handling injuries usually affect the back, shoulder, wrists, abdomen and pelvic region with the most common being sprains and strains, damage to muscles and tendons and hernia problems.

The manufacturing and industrial industry also suffers from a high rate of fatalities with 36 fatalities recorded in the year 2006 to 2007. The most common causes of fatality in the manufacturing and industrial industry, include long term contact with chemicals, being hit by moving objects and vehicle accidents.

Workers in the manufacturing and industrial injury are at risk of injury from mechanical hazards with rotating shafts, pullies and sprockets causing injury from entanglements, scissor or shear actions causing severing injuries and cable and hose connections causing injuries from slips and falls. Workers are also at risk from non-mechanical hazards such as harmful emissions, gas under pressure, chemicals, electricity and noise. The practice of shift work, places additional strains on workers dealing with fatigue and dangerous equipment.

If you work in the manufacturing and industrial industry and suffer a workplace injury the expert workers compensation lawyers at Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers can advise you on your entitlements to workers compensation under the New South Wales Workcover scheme or whether you are eligible to make a claim in the court system if your injury was somebody’s fault.

At Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers we act for a large number of workers in the manufacturing and industrial industry who have suffered serious or less serious injuries and we have the expertise to handle your claim with efficiency, professionalism and conviction. We also provide our expert advice to the families of those who have lost a loved one due to a workplace injury in the industrial or manufacturing industries.

Our confidence in our ability and expertise in handling workers compensation claims for workers in the industrial and manufacturing industries shines through in our “No Win – No Fee” policy which means that you do not have to pay your legal fees if your case is unsuccessful. Also, you won’t have to pay legal costs while your case is being run and if your case comes under Workcover we provide our services on a “no-cost-to-you” basis.

Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers are a personal injury law firm with offices in Manly, Sydney. Experienced workers compensation lawyers all with the common goal of getting our clients “just results – fast.”

We cater for those clients who cannot attend at our offices with home or hospital visits as well as providing advice on workers compensation claims to clients in rural areas.

If you suffer a workplace injury Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers can advise you on your workers compensation claim on 1300 363 013



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