Why have my weekly benefits cut off Workers Compensation Lawyer Sydney

Workers Compensation weekly benefits have been cut off?

If you have been told that your workers compensation weekly benefits have been cut off, then contact Walker Law Group immediately! We pride ourselves on being legal experts in the areas of workers compensation and personal injury. We have Accredited Specialists, which means that the Law Society has recognized that they possess great knowledge and

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Compensation Lawyer Sydney Steve Walker Law Firm

Workers Compensation – Your Rights – Lawyers Sydney – NSW

Workers Compensation Your Rights At Walker Law Group, we are passionate about ensuring that injured workers are able to claim the compensation that they deserve. A workplace accident can have detrimental effects on every aspect of your life. If you have been injured in the workplace, it is imperative that you contact one of our

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Travellator Trolley Injury Supermarket Claim Lawyer Dee Why Sydney

Trolley Travelator Injury at a Supermarket in Dee Why

Another great settlement last week for Sharron Vogel.  An 83-year-old lady sustained shoulder injuries when the wheels of a trolley at a popular supermarket in Dee Why failed to lock into the travellator.  She lost control of the trolley and it careered into a wall, bouncing back and causing severe injury to her shoulder, chest,

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Motor bike Accident Injury Claim Lawyer Bondi Sydney

Motor Bike Accident Claim Bondi

Motor Bike Accident Bondi – Another Successful Claim Sharron has completed yet another successful Motor Bike Accident Injury Claim, her client, a French tourist (living here on a Student Visa) was extremely happy with the result. Details of the Accident:- Our client, a Bondi resident, was travelling to work on his motorcycle, when a car

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wiro lawyer reputation discredited workplace bullying claim

Workplace Bullying to discredit reputation

Our client, “Mr C” was an employee of the State of New South Wales who was subjected to workplace bullying primarily in the form of an intentional and malicious campaign to discredit his reputation. The matter ultimately settled by consent judgment for $500,000. “I would like to thank Steve and the team he has assembled

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Back Injury compensation claim lawyer sydney

Back injury compensation from years of heavy work

THE BEST PAINKILLERS FOR THE INJURED WORKERS! A funny testimonial from our client below. “MK” sustained a significant back injury from years of heavy work. The insurance company tried to say that it was from several different work incidents so as to split up his impairment and push his percentage impairment below the damages threshold.

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how to choose the best compensation personal injury lawyer

How do you find the best compensation claims lawyer?

Choosing the right Personal Injury lawyer for you As with any profession, there are so many offerings and options when it comes to lawyers. Finding the right lawyer, however, that specialises solely on Personal Injury or Compensation Claims only is the key to ensuring that your matter is dealt with in an efficient and experienced

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Permanent Disability Compensation Lawyer CTP Insurance Scheme

Permanent Disability Compensation

How a model’s dream road trip around Australia went horribly wrong when her Jucy camper van was T-boned leaving her with a broken back and facial scarring. Khilna Dave, 24, was left with a broken back and facial scarring after 2019 crash The Kenyan born model was on a road trip to Byron Bay when

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contracted covid at work workers compensation claim

I think I contracted COVID-19 at Work

I think I contracted COVID-19 at Work. Can I Make a Workers Compensation Claim? Any worker who believes they have an illness or injury from the workplace should immediately notify their employer and if as a consequence of the illness or injury they suffer a loss (income, treatment expenses) is entitled to make a claim.

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