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Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney

Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney – Accredited Specialists “No Win No Fee*”

Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney, we see many Sydneysiders who are injured as a result of accidents.  These Personal Injury accidents may occur in the workplace, whilst commuting to or from their place of work, shopping to get their groceries, at home, or in a public place.

Some of these accidents may entitle the injured person to personal injury compensation; workplace injuries could include motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, motorbike accidents, public liability including slip, trip and falls in public places, Military Compensation Claims, medical negligence and faulty products.

Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney & Manly

At Walker Law Group, we have a team of dedicated and Accredited Personal Injury Lawyers that can help you through these types of claims.  If you are amongst the many Australians who have had a workplace injury and you think you may be entitled to compensation, please give us a call. 1300 363 013

It could also be that you have engaged with another lawyer about the matter, or an insurance agency and you are not happy with the progress or the results.  You shouldn’t have to suffer any further, nor should you be made to feel confused about the process.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney are available to talk to you right now.   We are able to offer a free initial consultation to determine your rights and entitlements.  Call us on 02 8046 9700.  Remember, there is no cost to you ever on our WIRO cases.

personal injury lawyers sydney steve walker

At Walker Law Group we will successfully pursue any claim that may result in compensation for personal injury or death.  We’re across all the processes and procedures required to fight for your case because Personal Injury law is ALL we do, we are very good at it.

So what are your rights and what do you do next?  Call us.  1300 363 013 .

We will listen to you and advise you on the next steps. “Results Not Talk”

Don’t suffer from your personal injury alone, and use the ole, “she’ll be right” mentality.  It’s painful, medical care is expensive, rehabilitation is lengthy, and you may have an inherent issue that may take years to surface as a result of the accident.


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