Car accident permanent impairment compensation claims lawyer

Car Accident Permanent Impairment Compensation

Car Accident Permanent Impairment Compensation Merrylands NSW – $105,000 Car Accident Injury Claim Injuries: Neck, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine, Right Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim  Our client was injured in a car accident in Merrylands, she sustained a whiplash type mechanism of injury to her neck and jarred her mid-back and lower back. Police, ambulance and

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how to choose the best compensation personal injury lawyer

How do you find the best compensation claims lawyer?

Choosing the right Personal Injury lawyer for you As with any profession, there are so many offerings and options when it comes to lawyers. Finding the right lawyer, however, that specialises solely on Personal Injury or Compensation Claims only is the key to ensuring that your matter is dealt with in an efficient and experienced

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Permanent Disability Compensation Lawyer CTP Insurance Scheme

Permanent Disability Compensation

How a model’s dream road trip around Australia went horribly wrong when her Jucy camper van was T-boned leaving her with a broken back and facial scarring. Khilna Dave, 24, was left with a broken back and facial scarring after 2019 crash The Kenyan born model was on a road trip to Byron Bay when

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Motorcycle Accident CTP Settlement Injury Claims Lawyer Sydney

Motorcycle accident claim in Cremorne – CTP scheme

Our client was riding his motorbike when he had a collision on Military Road, Cremorne, on his way to work. This car coming from the opposite direction suddenly turned right and hit me. I remember glancing to my right, the car was already right upon me. I braked at that split second and then I

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Child injured car accident compensation claim lawyer sydney

Car Accident injuring a child

This claim related to a 12-year-old child who was injured in a car accident when his father lost control of the vehicle.  The child was severely injured. Other members of the family were also injured in the same car accident.  Our Lawyer, Sharron Vogel, sued the father through his CTP insurance policy.  We also ran

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Sydney Brain Injury Compensation Claims Lawyer

Brain Injury Compensation Lawyers

BRAIN INJURY LEGAL ISSUES Apart from the many physical and cognitive effects to deal with after a brain injury, there can also be many legal issues to consider. Because every person’s situation is unique, and because the law is different in each state and country, it is important to consult a Personal Injury Lawyer to

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Personal Injury Client Testimonials Lawyer Sydney

Bicycle accident with driver refusing to pay

Wow nice birthday present to finally get that settled! Accidents between cars and cyclists are happening more and more frequently.  But what happens when the driver refuses to stop or acknowledge fault?  You call Steve Walker at Walker Law Group. Another happy settlement! Steve and team were great. I was recommended Steve from a guy

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CTP Changes in NSW - Walker Law Group

Car Crash Victims Compensation

Car Crash Victims Compensation – Walker Law Group provide “Results, Not Talk” The amount paid out to injured motorists under the state’s new greenslip insurance scheme has fallen $80 million short of projections, sparking concerns the reforms will not bring to an end an era of stratospheric insurer profits. In NSW all drivers must buy

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CTP Changes in NSW - Walker Law Group

Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017

Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 – Car Accident Compensation Lawyers “The new Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 (in force for all motor accidents that arose on or after 1 December 2017) commenced with great fanfare from the NSW Government. It was introduced with the avowed aim of removing or at least reducing fraudulent claims for

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Compensation lawyers bondi walker law group

Personal Injury Lawyers Bondi Junction

Personal Injury Lawyers Bondi Junction NSW Sharron Vogel is the practising Personal Injury Lawyer at our Bondi Junction office. Walker Law Group is the only Personal Injury Lawyers to have a physical office location at Bondi Junction.  We are located at Level 22, Westfield Tower 2, 101 Grafton Street, Bondi Junction New South Wales 2022.

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