Psychological Trauma Injury Compensation Claim Lawyer Sydney

Psychological Injury Compensation and Trauma – What can I do?

Psychological Trauma and Compensation Unlike physical injuries, where the accident or traumatic event is more easily identified, determining the cause of a psychological trauma injury often requires more investigation and is a more complicated picture. Psychological injuries are serious.  They often creep up slowly and cause significant and long-lasting damage.  Quite often, people that are

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how to choose the best compensation personal injury lawyer

How do you find the best compensation claims lawyer?

Choosing the right Personal Injury lawyer for you As with any profession, there are so many offerings and options when it comes to lawyers. Finding the right lawyer, however, that specialises solely on Personal Injury or Compensation Claims only is the key to ensuring that your matter is dealt with in an efficient and experienced

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Compensation Lawyer Workers Rights Sydney Manly

Workers Rights During COVID 19

Workers are entitled to: Elect a health and safety representative (HSR) if they wish to be represented by one Request the formation of a health and safety committee Cease unsafe work in certain circumstances Have health and safety issues at the workplace resolved in accordance with an agreed issue resolution procedure, and Not be discriminated

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Workers compensation Covid19 Lawyer Northern Beaches Sydney

COVID-19 Workers Compensation Lawyers

Are workers covered by workers’ compensation if they contract COVID-19? Workers’ compensation arrangements differ across jurisdictions, however generally to be eligible for compensation a worker: would need to be covered by the scheme, either as an employee or a deemed worker, would need to have an injury, illness or disease of a kind covered by

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Workers Compensation COVID-19 Sydney Lawyers NSW

Covid 19 Notice

Dear valued client and prospective client, Walker Law Group (WLG) is fully committed to looking after the health and safety interests of both its clients and staff. In light of the extraordinary circumstances Australia is facing, for the time being and pending resolution of the Coronavirus issue, we are offering to take instructions via telephone,

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No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers Sydney

No Win No Fee – Compensation Lawyers Sydney

No Win No Fee Compensation The No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers at Walker Law Group can assist you with every stage of your compensation claim. We are specialists in the area of compensation and personal injury and can use our expertise to help you achieve the most favourable outcome in your case. Our No

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Personal Injury Client Testimonials Lawyer Sydney

How are you going to work out your fees in a common law case?

In work cover cases we don’t charge you at all. Our fee is paid by the Government and does not come from your entitlement. If it’s a common law (negligence) based claim then all my work is done on a no win/no fee basis. That means that if there is no settlement or payment to

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Personal Injury Client Testimonials Lawyer Sydney

I had a car accident and it wasn’t my fault

I had a car accident and it wasn’t my fault. Someone ran into the back of my car and my neck was injured. The insurer has made me an offer I’m inclined to take because I’m frightened that if I retain a lawyer then they will take most of the money. Can I represent myself

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Personal Injury Client Testimonials Lawyer Sydney

What’s involved in a Work Cover claim, what can I get and why do I need a lawyer?

What’s involved in a Work Cover claim – The work cover legislation is extremely complicated. There are 3 main benefits under work cover; Weekly payments based on incapacity and wage loss Medical expenses for treatment and rehabilitation A tax-free lump sum entitlement for impairment. The thresholds and calculations that determine the quantum and longevity of

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