High wind umbrella accident High wind umbrella accident manly sydney compensation lawyer manly sydney lawyer

Windy Conditions Causing Injury Compensation Claim

A Northern Beaches Club Injury  resulting in Compensation Claim  – $100,000 A pole hit the claimant at a Manly club and injured his chest and caused PTSD. Injuries: Chest Wall, Thoracic Spine, Right Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim  The subject accident occurred on 2nd December 2018 at approximately 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The incident occurred

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Car accident permanent impairment compensation claims lawyer

Car Accident Permanent Impairment Compensation

Car Accident Permanent Impairment Compensation Merrylands NSW – $105,000 Car Accident Injury Claim Injuries: Neck, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine, Right Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim  Our client was injured in a car accident in Merrylands, she sustained a whiplash type mechanism of injury to her neck and jarred her mid-back and lower back. Police, ambulance and

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Northern Beaches Trip Fall Compensation Claim Lawyer

A lady tripped over in a shopping plaza leading a to shoulder injury

Northern Beaches – $120,000 Personal Injury Claim for Negligence Our client tripped outside a store within a small shopping plaza on the Northern Beaches.  She injured both arms in the fall and sustained a shoulder injury which required surgery.  We successfully sued the shopping centre and we got $120,000 compensation for our (now) happy client.

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Travellator Trolley Injury Supermarket Claim Lawyer Dee Why Sydney

Trolley Travelator Injury at a Supermarket in Dee Why

Another great settlement last week for Sharron Vogel.  An 83-year-old lady sustained shoulder injuries when the wheels of a trolley at a popular supermarket in Dee Why failed to lock into the travellator.  She lost control of the trolley and it careered into a wall, bouncing back and causing severe injury to her shoulder, chest,

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Motor bike Accident Injury Claim Lawyer Bondi Sydney

Motor Bike Accident Claim Bondi

Motor Bike Accident Bondi – Another Successful Claim Sharron has completed yet another successful Motor Bike Accident Injury Claim, her client, a French tourist (living here on a Student Visa) was extremely happy with the result. Details of the Accident:- Our client, a Bondi resident, was travelling to work on his motorcycle, when a car

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Permanent Disability Compensation Lawyer CTP Insurance Scheme

Permanent Disability Compensation

How a model’s dream road trip around Australia went horribly wrong when her Jucy camper van was T-boned leaving her with a broken back and facial scarring. Khilna Dave, 24, was left with a broken back and facial scarring after 2019 crash The Kenyan born model was on a road trip to Byron Bay when

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Motorcycle Accident CTP Settlement Injury Claims Lawyer Sydney

Motorcycle accident claim in Cremorne – CTP scheme

Our client was riding his motorbike when he had a collision on Military Road, Cremorne, on his way to work. This car coming from the opposite direction suddenly turned right and hit me. I remember glancing to my right, the car was already right upon me. I braked at that split second and then I

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Psychological Injury Compensation Lawyers Sydney

Psychiatric Injury Compensation

Congratulations to Maddie who yesterday achieved a settlement for our client of $325,000.00 clear of payments already made by the defendant the in the Education Sector in relation to our client, a 57 year old teacher who suffered a psychiatric injury at work. Our client delivered a heartfelt thank you card and lovely bunch of

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workplace neck injury compensation lawyers sydney

A neck injury proving to be a work related

Neck Injury Workers Compensation – Another successful win for Walker Law Group. 1300 363 013 Talk to our Workers Compensation Lawyers, ensure a successful outcome. Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialists. We have received a Certificate of Determination in accordance with Section 294 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998. Our client sustained

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Sydney Repetitive Strain Neck Shoulder Injury Compensation Lawyer

Duty of Care by a Retail Store

Work injury due to repetitive work (neck pain) causing negligence? Our Personal Injury Lawyers can help. What happens when a large department store ignores its Duty of Care? Our client had an ongoing concern for her neck comfort and flagged the need for headsets due to making multiple customer calls.  She suffered neck injury due

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