Car accident permanent impairment compensation claims lawyer

Car Accident Permanent Impairment Compensation

Car Accident Permanent Impairment Compensation Merrylands NSW – $105,000 Car Accident Injury Claim

Injuries: Neck, Thoracic Spine, Lumbar Spine, Right Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim 

Our client was injured in a car accident in Merrylands, she sustained a whiplash type mechanism of injury to her neck and jarred her mid-back and lower back.

Police, ambulance and New South Wales Fire Brigades all attended the scene of the accident. Maheera was transported to the Westmead Hospital Emergency Department by New South Wales Ambulance Service, from the accident site. At the Westmead Hospital Emergency Department, Maheera underwent various imaging studies, including an MRI scan of her whole spine, due to her symptoms of pain affecting her neck, thoracic spine and lumbar spine region. The MRI scan of Maheera’s whole spine revealed a microtrabecular fracture of the superior end plate of T2 vertebral body. Maheera was noted to have numbness in her lower limbs and upper limbs, at the Westmead Hospital Emergency Department.

Our Client had a Whole Person Impairment Rating using the Combined Values Chart, Maheera had a Total Whole Person Impairment Rating of 15%.

We successfully won this case on behalf of our client she received $105,000 in compensation.

Dear Sharron,

I want to appreciate you for all you have done for me since day one, throughout our journey of two years I was always comfortable and relaxed because I knew that you have my back and just a call away.

Yesterday was a really big day for me where we settled the case I was extremely happy with the outcome we got.

I am glad we were connected.

Once again thank you for your time and support.\

Kind regards,


Car accident permanent impairment compensation claims lawyer


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